About Me

My passion for art and design has always been prominent throughout my life. Aesthetics can make us fall in love with something as simple as paper and pixels! How great is that to work within? I love the combination of artistry and utility that design tailors to.

I’m a professional Art Director with 3+ years of agency experience and a full-spectrum designer, able to take a project from art direction to design to production. I’ve worked on Ad Campaigns, Web Design, Branding, Print, Outdoor, Digital, Email, Video and Social Media. I’m in love with ideas, passionate about destroying assumptions, and a sucker for humor.

If all that sounds good to you, let’s chat!


Hard-working and Dedicated, Reliable, Humorous, yet reserved. Adventurer at heart.


A love for the outdoors, and everything nature. Animals, plants flowers, especially fuzzy moss.


A curiosty and love of the fantastical. Dragons, Folklore, Past lives, etc.
A treasure trove of interesting!


A love of all things sweet,
both visually and sugary.